About Me

I am a performance costume designer and maker, currently finishing my final year at Edinburgh College of Art studying performance costume BA(Hons). Designing and making are equally important on the course, therefore, I have gained a range of skills in both departments, including; textiles, design, historical and contemporary pattern cutting, and adobe suites.

All genres of performance interest me, as I believe costume creates an opportunity to learn about an unknown subject. I have used personal projects as a way of broadening my knowledge, taking inspiration from all directions possible. With all projects, I try and push myself out of comfort zone, as I enjoy the challenge of learning and developing new techniques.

Throughout my degree, I have found that my passion within design is the challenge of finding a new perspective of how a narrative can be told, by focusing in on the underlying ideas portrayed. Costume is a crucial aspect of audiences understanding of a narrative. Hence, I play close attention to every detail within the design, textiles, shape, etc. to ensure the concept is successfully relayed and fully embodies my intentions.