Jayne County lived unique and unusual life, an adventurous roller-coaster, often offensive and at times an uncontrollable struggle; but fortunately, she didn’t care. Becoming the first transsexual rock artist, she was an inspirational icon. Although not commercially successful, many other artists wouldn’t be who they are today without Wayne County. A legend in her own right, one that should never be forgotten. Hence, my concept is driven by the desire to express her story like no other, revealing the 70’s from a different perspective.

Jayne’s music was not only an act of rebellion and propaganda but also explored a lot of personal meanings, about her self-discovery of being transgender and transformation from a man into a woman. Her music allowed her to reveal her true self. Thus, using her music (and a few other influential songs) to create a musical rendition of her story, seems like there perfect fit. A rock and roll, glitter glam, punk, transgender musical, soundtracked by her songs.

The aspect of her life I have decided to focus on mostly is her time during the 70’s, as this decade to me is the most important part of her journey. The musical starts, at her beginnings in New York around 20 years of age to when she decided to go back and see her parents for the first time now she is fully comfortable with who she is/wants to be.

Jayne didn’t hold anything back within her writing and shed light on characteristics and unknown situations about people that are well known to us today, she was a pioneer and inspiration to many great artists who commercialised, this is an opportunity to reveal the life of an underground legend.

By looking at her music, we can see the wild journey of her life. Jayne never made it to the ‘big time’, however, was a major influence on those artists who did.

Using her music, I have transformed her wild transsexual journey to the stage. Her journey was outrageous, therefore choosing to design it for stage allowed me the chance to run away all the absurd factors of her life.

Theatre allowed me for the character tone even bolder, even more exaggerated than they were in real life.  Creating a vision the audience can fully throw themselves into, and become a part of her world; even if only for a short amount of time.